Does 'useInputProperties' only work for properties of datatype=string?

Hi community,

I want to add a simple Method that copies a specific item. Inside the duplicated item a few properties shall be changed to other values. We can allow to pass new values with useInputProperties attribute. But this seems only to work with "string" properties, not for items, lists, and other more exotic elements.

Does anyone knows more about this behavior?


var copy = inn.getItemById("MyItemType",thisId);
copy.setAttribute("action", "copyAsNew");
copy.setAttribute("useInputProperties", "1");
copy.setProperty("name", "this is a copy");   // regular string property --> value will be updated
copy.setProperty("myItemReference", thisId) // doesn´t work, it will strangely connect the new copy instead of the previous id. (?!?!?)
copy.setProperty("description","even more text"); // text property -> no value will be updated
copy.setProperty("mylist","defaultvalue");  // list property --> no value will be updated

Best regards!