Editable search grids and Poly Items that are Relationship Items

Hi Community,

Recent releases of Aras have enabled editable search grids. Is it possible to use this on poly item types? My use case is a little unique so let me explain -

I am looking to create a dashboard of tasks which are relationship items. The poly item type contains all these relationship items and relevant properties. There are a few properties I need to edit and it would be nice to be able to do so from the grid without opening the source item (which is one of the poly items properties so it is essentially an extra few clicks to get to).

Any advice?

  • Hi community,

    without ever having tested this one I would say - no.

    Polyitems itself aren´t real items. They just linked together other existing data. If you take a look at polyitems on database level, they aren´t a table but a function.

    But that doesn´t mean that what you want to do is impossible. But you probably have to replace the original used action elements with custom ones that bypass the PolyItem ItemType. 

  • Thank you for the reply. I figured so for now we will use it as view only. It's not too bad to open the items via the link so we will see what enhancements come along.

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