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Good day all.  Does anyone know how to add a path between two Activities when a workflow has already been started?  I have a few changes that had Override Path selected, but no way to return to the previous Activity.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

  • Hi Nathan,

    your request is already a few days old, but maybe you´re still interested in some hints.

    In general modifying started Workflows is not indented by Innovator.

    If you need to do it as admin to fix a few affected Workflows, you can try to manipulate the Activity relationships in the running Workflow Process. Not a pretty solution, but your best chance.

  • Angela,

    Good day.  I have been out of the office for the last week.  Do you know how I can add a path from one activity to another in a Workflow Process that has already been started?  We had a snafu with one of the in-house changes and I want to send it back, but don't have an option for it.  Thanks.

  • Do you need to add an Activity or just a Path? Adding an Activity in a running Workflow is super hard. Better start a new process. 

    If you just need a path, you could try to add one in your Workflow-map --> Activity --> select your activity --> Paths.

    The "Path" tabs shows, in which direction there are pathes from the activity. Change there will not necessarily show up in the map, but maybe it will work.

  • I need to add a path between two existing Activities in a workflow that has already been started.

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