Link to a specific item into the ToC

Hello, I created a folder "help" which contains some documents and I would like to add a link directly to that folder into the Table of Content. How can I achieve this?

  • Folders in Innovator??? What do you mean? File folder? Document items? Your request sounds useful, but it´s mysterious. 

  • Yes, folders to contain document. Maybe that's a custom modification that other devs did before I don't know. In any case, my question is, it is "easy" to add an entry in the ToC to an ItemType (and when you click on it the ToC changes to show two actions, Create an instance of that ItemType, or Search for an instance of that ItemType), but I would like to link directly to an instance itself. Like the link which appear when you put a document as favourite, but to have that link in a different menu and available all the time for all users.