Disable 'Show Code Guide' and 'Show Method Help' buttons on the Method Editor by default

Good Morning,

I was wondering if there was a place in the code tree where I could disable these two buttons by default when opening a method editor. The Code Guide and Method Help is sometimes useful but mostly takes up space on my screen. I can only disable these buttons if I am editing the method which could lead to me accidently changing something in the code and causing a problem when I am only trying to read the code. All suggestions welcomed.


Josh Bowden

  • Hi Josh,

    Instead of fixing the symptoms, fix the root cause: Get yourself a larger screen! Take two if possible! When you can have two, why not take three?
    Seriously, working with Innovator with a small monitor is just impossible.

    But regarding your customization: Search for "CodeEditor/MethodEditor.html" in the codetree.