Requirements Document: Error from Editor?


Aras Ver. 12

For a Client we have had to customize the attributes for Requirements and Requirements Document objects.  No changes at the moment have been made to the XML schema.  Requirements Documents can be created, but as soon as the user clicks on the "Requirements Document Editor" they get the below error:

We've made no changes or edits to the schema.  Is it necessary to make changes to the XML schema when adding properties to requirements?  We did create a Class for the requirements document; however this appears whether the class is assigned or not.

Appreciate any assistance!

  • Hi Jeff! I assume you are using RE 12.0 R1 - for this release you will need to update the schema if you chose to add a custom classification. Alternatively you could move to RE 12.0 R3 where custom classes are supported without having to update the schema. Hope that helps!

  • Hey MIchael,

    We're on R2, which I presume based on the above has the same issue as R1?  We're trying to get on subscription and our update tool is showing R2 is the highest available for us right now.

    As far as updating the schema for added properties against a requirement object, is there anything you could point me to to show what needs to be done there?  I'm not an XML expert, but looking at the existing RE-Standard schema type, I don't see a one-to-one correlation between ItemType properties and what's in the schema, so not sure what needs to be done.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Jeff, 

    ok! I see 2 options: getting on subscription and just using R3 (this is available for subscribers) or configuring the schema accordingly and sticking to R2. For the latter you may need to look into additional documentation for TechDoc Framework as RE editor is based on it. 

    Could we move the communication to email?