Tech Doc - Error when Adding Table of Contents

So, I have simply copied the 'Standard' document type and therefore have 3 document types now -- Standard, MPP-Standard and MyDocType (copy). 

I created a new tech doc, with the Standard doc type, with about 5 or 6 chapters and sections each with their titles.  I added the TOC-Section and then the TOC and it generates with no issues based on the chapter/section titles I have created.

I then remove the TOC, remove the TOC-Section and then save the same tech doc with the copied document type (MyDocType).  I add the TOC-Section and then the TOC and receive the following errors.  One is what you see without debugging in the method and the 2nd is debugging the content generator for TOC.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why it doesn't get the same "GenerationParameters" that it requires.

Any one seen this issue?

  • It´s very intuitive, isn´t it? Smiley

    I really like TechDocs, but the entry level is massive.

    Your document structure has to match the XML Schema. I somehow miss a root element in your image. You cannot just start with TOC out of nothing. Your first one has to be "MyDocument" root element or something similar were you place the "TOC" inside (!). Otherwise it´s floating around.

  • I guess that could be it.  I'll test.  It's odd that it works using the Standard document type (OOTB) using the same method, etc.

    Actually, the TOC doesn't show up because it's added by the content generator which is failing.