New or Add from Relationship Tab without Locking Parent

Hello All,

Working in context of a Project, but could be applied elsewhere.  I need to have the ability to relate (via new or existing Items) against the Project.  The Relationship view provides this ability, but only when the parent item is locked for editing.  I want to remove that restriction in terms of locking the parent for editing.

Is there a good way to do this?  In other words...  don't have to hit edit, but unlock the grid and buttons circled in green.

Our users are most familiar with the context of things being in a project, so I'd like to maintain the use of the relationship view if possible.


  • Hi Jeff,

    Congrats! You discovered one of the main missing features in Innovator!

    There are many custom solutions possible, but they depend on the use case.

    I assume:

    1. want to be able to add "more than one" risk. So you need some kind of grid?
    2. still want to have control "who" adds a risk
    3. ...users shall add the Risk while being "inside" of your project

    Depending on the above to assumptions the following would work: (if above is wrong, other solutions are possible and preferred...)

    Most simple would be using regular custom 'Actions' that allow users to add the relationships outside regular edit. Most easy to build, but breaks the way people are used to edit. You can make an Action that calls a Search dialog, and second one that simply removes an entry.

    More beautiful variant: Replace the shown buttons via CUI with custom ones. So you can style buttons that just look the original, but with your own logic.

    Other variant: Instead of using the regular grid, use a relationship form view. Here you can still render your items as a grid, but can assign all kind of custom logic. I often use this variant, when I just want to connect to "one" item.

  • Thanks for the reply!  Ideally would either be replacing the buttons or the relationship form view.  Our users certainly want a grid to edit since they live and breathe Excel today.  Will look into the button replacement.  Thanks!

  • Hi Jeff,

    let me know if it worked! Replacing the CUI elements would be the most elegant solution. I have never tried it for this specific use case. In the past relationship buttons weren´t designed with CUI and hard to replace.

    Looking forward to hear your result!

  • Incremental progress.  Replaced the create new & delete row buttons with copies of the originals which was quite easy.  They're identical to originals, minus the "init" method.  This allows the items to be created or rows deleted without unlocking the parent.  Two remaining issues:

    1) Have to open the item to save it.  Haven't found an OOTB method to copy over to a save button that works yet.

    2) The relationship grid doesn't respond the same as unlocking the parent.  dropdowns & type ahead fields don't work, so user still has to go to the form to edit.

    Post more if I get it sorted.