How to increase size of Form editor preview box? Designing large Forms in a 4inch box is a painful experience!

Hi community,

does anyone of you know a way to increase the size of the Form WYSIWYG editor? Or even better: How to change the preview size dynamically?

By default the preview box is very small and it´s not possible to change the size at all. This is ok for very small Forms, but we are living in the age of ultra high resolution widescreen monitors.

So most of the time it´s a big design plus, when UI uses the available space most efficient.

But right now we have to design potential full screen Forms literally in box of 10cm / 4inch height. Only alternative is using full custom external html, which I want to avoid for standard tasks.

So I would be happy about any tip or idea to improve the way to design Forms! 

Thanks and best regards!


  • I couldn’t find how to make form preview part to dynamically resize and I think it’s not that easy. But you can change "height" property for "#gridTD" AND "#workarea" in Client\scripts\FormTool\formtool.html

  • Hi Alaxala,

    many thanks for your tips! I was not aware of this part of the codetree, but your solution sounds promising.

    I was a couple of days off so I hadn´t the time to test it out yet. But I will give it a try soon! When all the logic is done in this isolated codetree area, making something "dynamic" could be possible.