Where Used Report - Multiple Levels

Is it possible to generate a Report containing the results from the Where Used function? Other solutions I've seen only contain one level of results - I am looking for a Where Used Report that goes through multiple levels. 

  • Are you looking for a Report or just the query result?

    There is a AML action ("GetItemWhereUsed"), that gives you the XML result. If you are more looking for an real Report option I would use other inbuild option.

    1. Query Definition + Tree Grid View. You can use these two for building a custom Where Used view for users. In newer version you should be able to Export the result as xls

    2. SSRS Report. Here you have to program the Where Used Query by yourself. But it gives you more freedom when exporting various formats like pdf, xls, xlsx and when you want to use the result in a data package.

    3. Maybe Aras Self-Service Report

    4. Aras XSLT Report. Would be the fasters solution, but stylesheet challenging.

  • The "GetItemWhereUsed" only returns one level of the Where Used Results - I'd like to expand it for multiple levels like in the Where Used view. Any suggestions for getting the expanded results?

  • How many ItemTypes are involved in your task? 'GetItemRepeatConfig' would work when you don´t have too much ItemTypes.


    It´s maybe possible to combine it with GetItemWhereUsed when you need a full coverage of everything, but I never tried.

    Beware: The sample shown in the article looks "downwards", as you would do in a Bill-of-material.
    You have to change the repeat property so it looks "upwards".

  • How can I change this so it looks 'upwards'? I've seen that action before but couldn't figure out how to reverse the direction.

  • Well, the query right now looks for the related_id item (downwards). You need the source_id item (upwards). So you have to change it in the 'repeat' attribute. But more important: Also in the 'select' attribute

  • Here's the query I have right now. It returns only one level. How can this be expanded further?

    <Item type="Part BOM" action="get" select = "source_id, quantity" >

    <Item type="Part" id = "{id}" action = "getItemRepeatConfig"/>

    <Item type= "Part" repeatProp="source_id" repeatTimes="10" select = "item_number, name, classification, state, release_date, major_rev" />