Adding Columns to the Impact Matrix

Hi all,

Aside from adding the relevant lines to the  Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid, is there something else I need to edit to add the columns? My new column is appearing as undefined.

  • Hi,

    you mainly have to customize the Method 'Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid' .

    For addition columns you have to add your properties in block "ImpactMatrixGrid.prototype.initializeGridStructur". 
    You need to specify your own "Cell Classes" as seen in available code.

    You may have also to customize one ui_resources(ex?).xml file in the codetree. Don´t remember which one. Either the one directly in the Client folder, or the one in the PE application folder.

  • Thanks Angela, I've got it configured with these items and I can now view the column and the name however it is not populating the value.

    I am looking to add the has_change_pending property, which I have added to Change Controlled Item for the purpose of populating the impact matrix (this missing on the item type was causing the undefined). 

    Currently, it is always showing blank so that is the next thing I am trying to solve. I am assuming I need to setup my cell class to show a specific value if true so will do that and report back.

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  • I got it working. I had to update 'Express ECO GetDataSource' as well to account for the additional property - here specifically, beginning at line 128 -

    String itemQueryAMLTemplate =
    "<AML>" +
    " <Item type='{0}' action='get' select='id, name, item_number, major_rev, state, keyed_name{3}, has_change_pending'>" +
    " <generation condition='is not null'>%</generation>" +
    " <Relationships>" +
    " <Item type='{1}' action='get' select='source_id, related_id(id, name, item_number, major_rev, state, keyed_name{4}), quantity, sort_order{5}'>" +
    " <OR>" +
    " <source_id condition='in'>{2}</source_id>" +
    " <AND>" +
    " <related_id condition='in'>{2}</related_id>";

    I added the has_change_pending property to the aml.

    Now it shows the values - 1 or 0 for the bool, just need to modify the return statements I believe to reflect more user friendly text.