Forms creation process flow


New to Aras Innovator.  I am looking for a "Cheat Sheet"

Example:  To build a form

Step 1) Create an item type - See Aras Fundamentals (link)

Step 2) Relationships to ItemTypes - See Aras Fundamentals (link)

Step 3) etc...

Anything like this exist?  Can it be shared?

Thanks again,


  • Hi Michael,

    when you are an subscriber you should attend the "Configuration Solution" training course which covers this topic. There you will get an manual that covers these topics.

    If you aren´t a subscriber: The fundamental guides covers most essential topics from the subscriber manual. You can google for "aras fundamentals" to find the blog articles that are available so far. Of course it´s hard to learn Innovator just with a few blog articles.

    Aras Innovator also contains an internal help that is a big help regarding fundamentals ('Help' in upper right corner)

    If information is missing, try to understand how Aras itself programmed stuff. E.g. take a look at common ItemTypes like 'Part', 'Manufacturer', etc. 

    Try first to understand how ItemType, Properties and Forms play together 
    Task one also requires some basic knowledge in User, Identities management (and maybe Permissions). See other ItemTypes as reference and click through them. 
    Then continue with Relationships and the various Relationship types.
    Then I would continue with LifeCycles (Without Workflows)

    Youtube is potential source of knowledge. Partner TechPLM often shows more techy videos like this one:

    I plan to cover these kind of topics in my next videos on my Youtube channel, but unfortunately I am far too slow when publishing new videos. Cry