drop down field making group box show verticaly


i've  a form with a group boxand  in this group box are other boxes.let's take one of this second level box, tolerance for expample  contains two text fields and a checkbox (the group box is set to horizontal).  Now i want to change one of the text fields with a drop down but when i do so the 3 fields of the box align vertically and i cant move the field even  when in relative position mode.

essentially what i want isthe same as the left image but with the second text field of each row replaced by a drop down

Any help is apreciated,



  • Group boxes are a bit evil in their behavior. 

    As far as I remember, the field order has some influence. When you have added your dropdown after all other fields, it may have a very high field order value. Try to change it to a value between your "Tolerance" fields. 

  • the order value for the drop downs are between the other two field's orders. if i put it first or last i get the fields on two lines, it seems like it has some line break properties anyway i think i'm gonna go with vertical fields

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