Manufacturing Process Plan (MPP) Add Foreign Data Type to Item?

Trying to add a Foreign Data property to the Item Type "mpp_ProcessPlan". Had a user request that the Produced Part number be displayed/searchable from the MPP grid. Currently there is a Relationship tab to the Produced Part "mpp_ProcessPlanProducedPart".

When I add a new property on the MPP_ProcessPlan Item Type, I do not see the produced part in the Foreign Property Selection Tree. Is there a way to add to the selection tree?

See attached for screenshots.MPP Produced Part.docx

Has any one done this? What am I missing?



  • Hi Jake,

    I am not sure if you can solve this one with Foreign Properties. For most MPP users I have seen, the ProcessPlan number often matched the Part Number so users were able to directly search ProcessPlans with this number.

    I would solve this one by Method, there are two options:

    1. Save the Part number in a custom property in the ProcessPlan when users add/update the mpp_ProcessPlanProducedPart item.

    2. Federated Property. Just display the Part number in the ProcessPlan with using a federated property and an onAfterGet Method

    First one is a bit better when it it comes to performance, cause you only trigger the Method when user customize the Produced Part. Federated properties are more comparable to the Foreign type, where you just do some kind of live linking of data without storing data.

  • Hello, thank you very much for the response. I will give your suggestions a try.