displaying clicable part list


My goal is to display on a tab a list of part (clicable to get to the part itself). I want to display the parts that have a relationship with a specific Project.

From what i've seen the tree grid view might be a good way to do it. Is it really ? Do you know an easier way.

thanks for taking the time to respond.


  • Hi Lucas,

    this one depends on your use case. Do you need this view for admin purposes or shall also end users use it on a regular basis?

    You are already correct using a QueryDefinition with TreeGridView. You could also use a Graph.

    If you just need a fast quick and dirty view and your Part and Projects are interconnected by a Relationship ItemType, you could simple display the Relationship ItemType in the TOC.

  • hello,

    For the moment i'm using it for administration but i'm not sure who will use it in the future that is why i was looking for option.

    Since my projects are related to my parts i've found that in the projet > view> where used  the tree grid shows me what i was looking for. thanks for the other ways to do it, i will look into it because it may be better suited for future  use cases.