Ajax loading gif for long running queries?

Has anyone managed to display a loading gif for long running queries? We have some fairly complex long running methods and ideally we would like to show that the system is actually doing something whilst they are running. I could show/ hide an image on every method but was wondering if anyone had managed to bind to a global ajax event (or something more clever) so that i don't have to call it in every method.
  • You could maybe monkey-patch Aras.ApplyMethod in javascript and override it with your icon logic? I would also be interested in something like this, but I've never gotten far enough.
  • If use a data export method were I added a status bar for users to see the export process. In my case, the status bar update code is added in the corresponding Method and updates to certain events in the Method. This is not the best attempt as it isn´t completly indepentend and I also still look for a better solution. I also made the experience, that different browsers may have trouble with the background event. I still have much trouble to get the status bar working for the different browsers. For some users it works, others don´t work.
  • I did manage to display the loading spinner for long running requests which I took there http://icons8.com/preloaders

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