Conditional Activity

Hello Guys,

Can you please suggest me ?  I want to Complete Activity CE Review on Condition Basis(On Work Item Part Property(Critical Value)Value  NO ,Yes).

(1).If  I select Approve on CE Review  with critical Value is Yes . Then Next Activity should be Compliance Review.

(2).If  I select Approve on CE Review  with critical Value is NO . Then Next Activity should be CE Evaluation

Please suggest me . How can I achieve  it ?

Thank in Advance


Ashok Kumar Yadav

  • Hi Ashok

    This can be achieved by adding one more automatic activity after CE Review and before CE Evaluation and Compliance Review

    If you have any question on the modifications to be done in Workflow please refer my blog page

    Steps to be followed are :

    Step 1: Create below server method (C#) in ARAS Instance

    Innovator innovator = this.getInnovator();
    string activityId = this.getID();
    Item controlledItem = this.apply("Get Controlled Item");
    string criticalValue = controlledItem.getProperty("a_criticalvalue");
    string pathName = "Approve1";
    if (criticalValue == "Yes")
    pathName = "Approve2";
    var autoActivity = innovator.newItem("Activity", "edit");
    autoActivity.setProperty("is_auto", "1");
    autoActivity.setAttribute("id", activityId);
    autoActivity.setAttribute("doGetItem", "0");
    autoActivity = autoActivity.apply();
        return innovator.newError(autoActivity.getErrorString());
    Item fetchPaths = this.newItem("Workflow Process Path", "get");
    fetchPaths.setProperty("source_id", activityId);
    fetchPaths.setProperty("select", "id");
        return(innovator.newError("Could not get Paths for automatic SignOff"));
    Item path = fetchPaths.getItemsByXPath("//Item[@type='Workflow Process Path'][name='"+pathName+"']").getItemByIndex(0);
    path.setProperty("is_default", "1");
    path = path.apply();
        return innovator.newError(autoActivity.getErrorString());
    return this;

    Step 2: Add this method in Pre Activity of Approve Path (Activity Highlighted below)

    Step 3: (Skip if this method already exist) Create below server method (VB) in ARAS Instance (Method Name should be Get Controlled Item)

    ' Find the Controlled Item for a Workflow Process or Activity
    Dim inn As Innovator = Me.newInnovator()
    If Me.getAttribute("type","") = "Method" And Not Me.node.selectSingleNode("Item") Is Nothing Then 
     Me.node = Me.node.selectSingleNode("Item") 'Handle the case where this method is called from ApplyMethod
    End If
    Dim qry1 As Item = Me.newItem()
    Dim qry2 As Item = Me.newItem()
    Dim qry3 As Item = Me.newItem()
    Dim wflProcId As String
    ' Get the Workflow Process
    Select Case Me.GetType()
     Case "Workflow Process"
      wflProcId = Me.getID()
     Case "Activity"
      Dim activityId As String = Me.getID()
      If activityId.Length <> 32 Then
       Return inn.newError("Get Controlled Item: Invalid Activity id")
      End If
      qry1 = Me.newItem("Workflow Process","get")
      qry2 = qry1.createRelationship("Workflow Process Activity","get")
      qry3 = qry2.createRelatedItem("Activity","get")
      Dim wflProc = qry1.apply()
      If wflProc.getItemCount() <> 1 Then
       Return inn.newError("Get Controlled Item: Error getting Workflow Process: " & wflProc.getErrorDetail())
      End If
      wflProcId = wflProc.getID()
     Case Else
      Return inn.newError("Get Controlled Item: Type must be Workflow Process or Activity")
    End Select
    If wflProcId.Length <> 32 Then
     Return inn.newError("Get Controlled Item: Invalid Workflow Process id")
    End If
    ' Get the Workflow relationship
    qry1 = Me.newItem("Workflow","get")
    qry2 = qry1.createRelatedItem("Workflow Process","get")
    Dim wfl As Item = qry1.apply()
    If wfl.getItemCount() <> 1 Then
     Return inn.newError("Get Controlled Item: Error retriving the Workflow relationship: "&wfl.getErrorDetail())
    End If
    Dim controlledId As String = wfl.getProperty("source_id","")
    If controlledId.Length <> 32 Then
     Return inn.newError("Get Controlled Item: Invalid Controlled Item id")
    End If
    ' Get the controlled item
    qry3 = Me.newItem()
    Dim controlledItem As Item = qry3.apply()
    Return controlledItem
    Test and let me know if it works
    Gopikrishnan R
  • Hello Gopikrishnan,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I am getting error message at line number 3.

    /*ND Check Compliance Critical for Input YES OR NO On Part Item*/
    1. Innovator inn=this.getInnovator();
    2. string activityId = this.getID();
    3.Item controlledItem = this.apply("Get Controlled Item");
    return inn.newError("Name "+this.getType());

     Any suggestion for Error ?

    Thank in Advance.

  • Have you created method given in step 3 ?

    Step 3: (Skip if this method already exist) Create below server method (VB) in ARAS Instance (Method Name should be Get Controlled Item)

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