Very large ItemTypes/tables in Innovator with SQL Express - what is your experience?

Hi Community,

can anyone of you share some experience when using ItemTypes that contain a large number of items?

I have a Innovator ItemType that is intended to store up to 1-2 Million items for the start.
For me this amount of data is already "a lot". But I assume for other users this is still a very small amount of data.

Anyway, I assume that ItemTypes intended for huge amounts of data also requires admins to pay extra attention to ensure system performance.

Do you have practical experience in working with large amount of data? Then I would be happy if you could give me some tips!
1. Did you ever face performance issues, especially when using SQL Server Express (which as some performance limitations by default)?
2. Can you recommend me some tips to optimize my ItemType for large data in general? E.g. I want to prevent that users try to display all items as once in the grid. Can I limit this one with max records or are there better options?
3. Anything else that is important to know?

Many thanks for any input and best regards!