How can i Disable FormattedText field using Javascript

Im trying to disable FormattedText  FormattedText  field using on Formpopulate. unfortunately i have been unsuccessful. Can someone please tell me the script to disable it.

  • Hi hkhan,

    what exactly do you want to achieve? Normally the Text editing is disabled as long as your item is not in edit mode.

    Anyway, you could can try standard JS logic to disable these kind of fields, e.g.

    document.getElementsByName("myFormattedText")[0].disabled = true;

    (Above code not tested)

  • Above this the type of the field and following is what im trying to use but it does not disable. It is not TextArea or input. It is a field which helps you to format and is not text area.

    var vsy_description = getFieldByName("vsy_description");

    vsy_description.getElementsByTagName("textarea")[0].disabled = true;

    Any Suggestions?

  • Hi hkhan,

    your shown sample text should work for regular text areas. For Formatted Text of course probably not. But I still have trouble to understand which behavior you want to achieve.

    With FormattedText normally users can only edit a text, when they click on the textbox. Then a popup window will appear were users can edit the text with a custom editor.

    Do you want to prevent the editor to show up?