Exporting a custom tree view tab of the standard Document item type


I created a Query Definition whose results are displayed in a custom TreeView-backed tab of the standard Document item type. I set this up through the 'Set Tree Grid View Usage' action in the Tree View editor.

Now I want to export this setup to a package and apply it to other Innovator instances. I tried exporting the relationship type that was created by the 'Set Tree Grid View Usage' action but the custom tab does not appear when importing in other instances.

Any ideas what I'm missing or how else to accomplish this?


  • Apart from the hierarchical structure of its nodes and leaves, a tree is quite The standard tree item consists of: The custom tree item allows you to use any combination of controls Navigation is an item type and therefore cannot be used together For the export, use the export to spreadsheet function.


  • Thanks for the suggestion!

    However, I'm not trying to export the data that is displayed in the TreeView but the relationship of the TreeView to the Document tab where it is displayed.

    The main goal is to add a custom tab to the Document item type that displays the results of a Query Definition in a TreeView. Both of these I was able to do by:

    - Creating a Query Definition that queries the data to be displayed in the custom tab.

    - Creating a TreeView that shows the result of the query.

    - Using the 'Set Tree Grid View Usage' action of the created TreeView to add the TreeView as relationship tab to the Document item type.

    This creates a relationship item type for the TreeView usage.

    Now I want package this setup into a PackageDefinition and export it so that it can be imported and used in other Innovator instances. I am able to export the relationship itself, however importing it does not tie it to the Document item type and the tab that exists in the exporting Innovator instance does not appear in the importing instance.

  • Hi MikeL,

    Were you able to get a tree grid view successfully added to a package definition to import to another Aras instance?

    We are trying to do the same thing for a new tree grid view in Part and are getting an error on the import. 
    It seems we need to import the following:

    • Query Definition
    • Tree Grid View
    • Form (auto created)
    • Relationship type (auto created, includes Relationship Item Type)

    The import fails on the Relationship Type though with a dependency I can't decipher. Were there other things we should be including in the export or package definition?

  • Hi Ken,

    Unfortunately, we still haven't found a solution to the tab not appearing on the importing instance.

    What you are exporting is exactly what we are doing at least with respect to the Tree Grid View. Our complete export contains several other pieces just because the functionality is larger than only the Tree View display. But for the Tree View what you are exporting looks good to me.

    The export tool has options for how to handle references. Maybe experimenting with those will give you a better result.

    Also, if the GUIDs of the involved item types on the exporting and importing instances don't match, you will run into issues. This could happen if you try the import multiple times and in between recreate some involved item types on the exporting machine.

    If you manage to get the import to work, I would be curious to find out, if the tab appears for you.

  • Thanks MikeL,

    We were able to import everything finally but had the same problem you had with the relationship tab not showing up. All I had to do after the import to fix it though was to click "Edit" on the item type we added the relationship to (Document in your case I believe) then click "Done" without changing anything and the tab showed up. I might run that import again on a clean instance and do a before and after look at the database to see what changed. 

  • Hah, that is interesting. I wonder if it would be possible to simulate this workaround as import XML instruction on the item type with the action set to 'edit'.
    We are doing something similar for extending another standard item type with custom properties. Using 'edit' as action in the XML was the key there.

    Thanks for letting me know, Ken. That is very much appreciated!