Have any document about aras javascript object?


 I want to work with some object as Form, Tab, Grid, add or remove items in grid ... of aras using javascript. Where can i find documents or have any way to start investigate?



  • Hi QuyenTH,

    I would recommend taking a look at the blogs on this site. Aras Labs has multiple blogs on working with forms and grids using JavaScript.

    On top of that, within innovator there is a Javascript API reference which can get you started. It can be found here:


  • Hi

    I don't really understand how to use Javascript API document. 

    I see the default search method has bellow function:

    const searchMode = window.currentSearchMode;
    if (searchMode.setPageNumber(1)) {
            if (window.searchContainer) {
    if (window.refreshGridSize) {
    Where can I know about some objects as [currentSearchMode or parent, top ...]?