Where I can get the Aras module and license information ?

I am looking for below modules information in Aras. Can anyone provide me or suggest where I can get the information. are these below modules / license free or paid in aras?

-- below modules are available in aras ?

CATIA Integration
NX Integration
Creo Integration
BOM Management
Component Engineering
Configuration Mgmt & Classification Management
Workflow/Process Management
Document Management- Non CAD documentation
Portfolio Management
Project/ Resources Management
Quality & Compliance Management
Requirements Management & System Engineering
Manufacturing Process Management
Maintenance & Repair Operational Management
Design outsource / Supplier Data Management
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
ERP Application Integration
Reporting & Analytics
Analysis & Simulation- Integrations

  • Hi Rahul,

    it´s not possible to give a general statement. Not all of the listed items are actual features, but more theoretical capabilities. Keep in mind that Aras is a PLM platform service.

    But general speaking (no guarantee)

    CATIA Integration - paid
    NX Integration - paid
    Creo Integration  - paid
    BOM Management - included in free version
    Component Engineering - you get a basic version for free, but it doesn´t contain a lot of useful data. paid version preferred
    Configuration Mgmt & Classification Management  - included in free version, but hard to use without documentation
    Workflow/Process Management - included in free version
    Document Management- Non CAD documentation - included in free version, but without office connector
    Portfolio Management - included in free version
    Project/ Resources Management - included in free version
    Quality & Compliance Management - included in free version
    Requirements Management & System Engineering - included in free version,  but cannot publish
    Manufacturing Process Management - included in free version, but cannot publish
    Maintenance & Repair Operational Management - not sure if this one is a fully published app yet. 
    Design outsource / Supplier Data Management - that´s not an actual feature, mainly describes that it´s technical possible to connect suppliers.
    Sourcing & Supply Chain Management - included in free version. But I wouldn´t call it an SCM
    ERP Application Integration - as subscriber you can ask for this one. It´s not an official app, but a well working implementation sample
    Visualization - A wide field. Graph should work, 3D model viewing not. 
    Reporting & Analytics - You can do reporting, but only XSLT and SSRS is free. Paid version from my POV not necessary for regular usage.
    Analysis & Simulation- Integrations - you connect to Ansys or other simulation software. Need additional support = paid.

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