problem connecting aras and visual studio

hello, I'm trying to write methods for aras using visual studio but i'm not able to connect to the server. I've added the IOM reference but the line connection.login() keeps pushing exceptions.

if you have any idea of where the issue might come from.

here is the code i've found with my connection informations.

using System;
using Aras.IOM;
namespace ConsoleApp1
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)

//connection information
string url = "">localhost/InnovatorServer";
string db = "InnovatorSolutions";
string usr = "admin";
string pwd = "innovator";

//creates the connection
HttpServerConnection conn = IomFactory.CreateHttpServerConnection(url, db, usr, pwd);
//logs in
Item user = conn.Login();
if (user.isError())
{ throw new Exception(user.getErrorDetail(); }   <-- this gives me an unknown error.

Thanks lucas.

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