Requirements editor not showing anything?

Someone (actually not me) edited the properties of the requirement itemType.

I think they tried to get the editor into the form.

They then changed the content properties to a different data type and now nothing seems to work.

Anyone knows what to do next, or can post a snapshot of their properties of the requirement itemtype?

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  • Everything open fine. It's just the editor that has lost all functionality. When opening a requirement, you see the standard form. But when you change to the editor, nothing shows. It switches the layout as if it tries to show but there is nothing there.

    Hence I thought that if I switch back the properties to the original the functionality would return.

    Is there anyway to revert to "out-of-the-box" regarding itemTypes (like a system restore of hte itemType)

  • Sounds like the Form field has lost connection to the properties. Edit your Form and click the individual fields. If they don´t have a "Data Source" than this is your error.

    Also take a look of the assigned Forms to the main RM itemtype. If there is no "Default" form, than also these kind of strange views can happen.

    You can reimport the RM solution to fix the issue. It´s possible to just import the affected elements. But I assume your problem should be easy to fix.

    See this incident as perfect reason to get your self a test system or at least use a secondary test database. :D

  • Is it really the form?

    Cause the form is the other part but as you se in the pic below to the right, the edtior is not loading correctly.

  • I was wrong! I forgot that RM has the editor. Ignore my tip with the Form.

    Never have seen this one. But try to open the browser console when opening the Requirement. It definitely fails to load something and there is a good change that the console will tell you what´s missing.

    When I compare your view to TechDoc (same editor framework), I would say that the "content" property is missing, as the editor is not able to render anything.

  • I shall also add that they changed the property content from Multilingual string to formatted text and now it's not possible to change back. Because when changing aras require a length but regardles of what length added it replies that the column will be truncated.

  • Reinstalling would be the safest solution.

    But to reduce the risk of doing more damage: Try to avoid deleting existing properties. Cause even when you rebuild them the same way, their id will change. It´s unlikely, but if a property is referenced by id, you would not have the original one.

    Delete all Requirements that you have made so far. This way it should be possible for you to restore the multilingual string. The multilingual string is typically used for the property that stores the content in xml structure. This would fit my guess from the previous post.

  • Did you get this fixed?  I am having the same problem with the Tree Grid View Show Editor.  Thanks.