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Good day all.  I have added a few ItemTypes to the Change Controlled Item poly source.  I made sure to add the ItemType name (Label) & ID (Value) to the Change Controlled Item list.  When I link a document to the Affected Item, the Type field does not populate.  I made sure that the itemtype property has been added to all of the ItemTypes and I set the Default Value to the ItemType ID.  I created a new Document just to check this, but it will not populate.  I tried with the Hidden & Hidden2 boxes checked and unchecked, still no luck.  I'm not sure what I am missing with this.  Thanks for your help.

  • What "Type" field? Can you provide a screenshot that shows your current view.

    There is also a List used for the "Change Controlled Item". I am Not sure if this one is extended by adding the additional poly sources, our if you have to edit this one manually.

  • AngelaIp,

    Good day.  I checked the "Change Controlled Item" list, it was automatically updated when I added the different ItemTypes (I verified the values as well).  

    I was preparing a Simple ECO and my sm_Change ItemType to verify the problem and create images when I noticed that the Simple ECO Affected Items displays the Icons for each ItemType, but the sm_Change Affected Items does not.  This is making me think that there is something else that pulls the image into the Affected Item.  

    Looking at Affected Item ItemType the Type property is Federated.  I'm not sure exactly how that is supposed to work.  Looking at the Property form, there isn't an event attached to the property.

    Simple ECO Affected Item

    Simple ECO Affected Item

    sm_Change Affected Item

    sm_Change Affected Item

  • "Federated" properties are always empty and filled programmatically by Methods on demand.

    There are "Server Methods" in Affected Item, but I don´t think they are responsable for the icon. You will probably need a Server Method in the Relationship.

    Edit: Method 'PE_PopulateAffectedType' looks like the solution. See how it is used in standard Aras and just rebuild.