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Hallo, recently I’ve created an self-defined ItemType with a Null-Relationship. I’ve added a string property “URL Link” to it so that it should link to external URLs. (e.g. “https://www.aras.com/”) But it is a plain text, how can I set it as Hyperlink? Thank you.
  • Hi, I have a similar usecase than chenze. The main question is probably to use hyperlinks in the grid and not in the Form. In my case I use an additional Null-Relationship for Hyperlinks in the ItemType Part. Users shall be able to open hyperlinks directly from the relationship grid. I didn´t spent too much time on this, because I expect some kind of hyperlink data type will one day be implemented anyway. This one is my current workaround: 1. Open Relationship ItemType used for storing the hyperlinks 2. Go to Client Events tab 3. Add new OnShowItem Method 4. Add the following code
    var path = this.getProperty("link_path"); // <- use name of property that stores the hyperlink
    window.open(path, '_blank');
    This solution overrides the custom form, so it´s only sufficient when you really just store some simple hyperlinks in the relationship grid. Some other options for the Relationship grid would be a custom Action or to create a separate ItemType for hyperlinks (better look&feel). If there is a solution for a "real" hyperlink properties in grids available, I would be highly interested in it!
  • could you please explain how to add null-relationship?

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  • You can add null-realtionships the same way as regular relationships. Open your target ItemType and click on the 'Relationship Types' tab. When you now use "Pick Related", you would insert a regular relationship that links to another ItemType. For a Null-relationship, change the selector to "No Related" and add a new Relationship Item. For Null-Relationships, you just have to assign a Relationship Name (=name of the Relationship ItemType) and a Tab label. If you take a look at the Part ItemType, you can see a good example how the two relationship types are used in practice. Null relationships are indicated by the orange 'plus' on the left side.