Change ItemType and Affected Item

Good day all.  I am working on modifying our change ItemTypes (don't use the OOTB ones).  I have been looking at the Simple ECO as an example.  Our current changes are associated to a single document/part.  So if someone is updating a drawing that affects a part, they would have to submit two changes, it gets worse if this affects multiple things.  I would like to modify (or create a new ItemType) these changes to have the Affected Items tab.  I have been testing this with a custom ItemType, but am running into problems with the Has Changes  getting updated.  I looked at Changes Pending in Part post and saw that there were a few Methods that I needed to look at.  I modified the Methods PE_update_has_change_pending and PE_ChangeItemTransition to include my change ItemType, but my test document will not get marked as Change Pending.  I tested the Simple ECO and it does mark the document.  Thank you for any help you can provide.