Logging Escalation events

I'm about to implement an Escalation process in my ECO workflow and am exploring ways of logging/tracking when onEscalate events occur.

Currently for my ECO Review activity, I have duration and reminder count set so users receive email reminders when they have open tasks to review. Soon I will add escalate_to identities for each assignment and add the 'Check Escalations' method to the Scheduler service. I have been exploring ways of logging when task assignments are escalated, creating a metric I can report on. Adding a server event to the activity and set to onEscalate does indeed fire when appropriate, but I am not able to grab the task assignment details of what is being escalated. I also learned the onEscalate server event will fire separately for each task being escalated, not just once for the activity.

Does anybody have any experience with this? I'd like to capture, for example: The review task assignment for this identity, on this workflow, was escalated to this identity, on this date.



  • I don´t have a solution, but I am interested in the use case. As far as I remember there is a property that marks escalated Activities. It´s possible to search for these escalated Activites. It might be possible to add a Method to this property. Or use a Method called by InnovatorService that searches for escalated Activities on a regular basis. I assume using the InnovatorService might be the better variant, as we don´t have to change possible core items.