Install Aras 12 for testing ?


Can I install Aras (12.9) on the same server where I have Aras 11.11 installed? (using a different install folder, Instance name, different database). Will I run into any problems with the v12.9 install? Will my v11.11 be affected in any way?



  • Hi,

    yes you can! Just use different web alias, different installation folder and different database name. It´s absolutely common to do parallel installations. There is just one thing you have to pay closely attention. If possible, install the new version at a test server first! Aras Innovator 12 versions can have a strange installer behavior which can crash your IIS server completely, which will also make your main instance temporary not accessible.

    It´s likely that you face the error "How to fix HTTP Error 503 (The service is unavailable)" which will also affected your main 11.11 instance. I so far faced it in 4 (!) Innovator 12 installations and in the first installation it took me hours to find the issue.

    See my installation trouble shooting video to be prepared for this error, cause it´s really a showstopper: . 

    You can see in my video that after installation my application pools were temporary killed. Be prepared before install, than you can instantly fix it.