Getting a result pdf by populating a pdf template with user input


Is there a way to store a pdf as a template and populate the pdf with the form fields from user input (usually from a form) and get the result pdf as the output?

  • That´s a good question! 

    Short answer: No. I don´t think it´s possible to link a pdf directly to Innovator data.

    Long answer. There are three scenarios that may work.

    1. Digital signing is on the roadmap. I really hope we will see the feature one day, cause I expect that we can handle pdfs in a more flexible way. This could also include custom fields. But this is nothing that may work right now

    2. When you are more flexible in your approach, you can use the Microsoft Report server. This one doesn´t work with a pdf template. But you can redraw your template PDF as Report. You then can populate the user input inside the pdf and store the pdf back in your Innovator.

    3. A similar approach should be possible with TechDocs. 

  • Thank you Angelalp for these suggestions.