Aras V12 Relationship View

In Innovator v11 my relationship view was:

Name: World
Start Page: ../Solutions/PLM/scripts/ReverseItemsGrid.html
Parameter: 'ITName='+itemTypeName+'&itemID='+itemID+'&reverseITName=MIN_Fielded_PR&reversePropertyName=system'

When I tried to duplicate the same thing in V12 its doesn't display any data. Has the location or format of ReverseItemsGrid.html changed in version 12?

  • Hi! 

    Interesting question! 

    Checked it in my own Innovator 12 and it seems that ReverseItemsGrid was replaced with TGVs. Aras even replaced custom views with TGVs during the last update.

    Take a look at RelationshipType "Manufacturer Part Part" to see the new variant.

    If you don´t want to use TGVs, you still should be able to use ReverseItemsGrid.html. Take the file from your Innovator 11 code tree and copy it to I12. I would use the customer folder for storing the file. These kind of views still works, but they are not included anymore in I12.

  • Hi Angela,

    Were you able to get it to work by copy ReverseItemsGrid.html into ../Solutions/PLM/scripts/ folder in version 12. I tried, but it doesn't display any data.

  • Hi, I haven´t tried it with this specific files, but with a custom one.

    You have to ensure to copy all files related to ReverseItemsGrid.html. Take a look at the file to see the references. E.g. you definitely will need ReverseItemsGrid_toolbar.xml. 

    More tricky are the linked stylesheets and the used dojo.js. 

  • Hi Angela, I couldn't get it to work. The relationship tab displays with all tab headers and field labels, but no data. Do you know if there's something similar to ReverseItemsGrid.html in v12 . ReverseItemsGrid.html was generic that I could use on all my reverse relationships.

  • Other option would be using a tree-grid-view. But I also would be happy about a ReverseItemsGrid.html variant in Innovator 12. It has a few pros and cons but it´s often easier to use and faster.

    From my POV most of the original code should still work in I12. I would ask Aras if they still can offer a I12 version for this one.

    As alternative you can use the browser debugger to step through the code and look for the outdated code. Right now I would add the following line for the QueryItem function to work:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="../../../javascript/QueryString.js"></script>

    (Not tested, I just had to use it in my own variant)

  • Still not working. Anyone have any suggestions for me so that I don't have to replace all my ReverseItemsGrids with new TGVs

  • The functions contained in the html file probably are not available in Innovator 12. But I am not sure which one. QueryItem definitely still works. I am not sure why there is a dojo.js reference.

    You can set a "debugger" statement in the file and then step through it to see where it fails. 

    I right now don´t have the time to try it by myself, but I am also interested in reusing ReverseItemsGrid. 

  • I tried it by myself and can confirm your described behavior. Toolbar is shown and also the column headers. But not the grid content itself.

    I did a little debugging and the result is a bit confusing. The complete ReverseItemsGrid.html works, especially when analyzing what happend on this two lines at the end of the script:

    var grid_xml = aras.uiGenerateItemsGridXML(resDom, visiblePropNds, reversItemTypeID);

    The grid_xml contains all necessary data for rendering the grid (headers AND table content). When looking at grid_xml content via browser debugger, in my case all the related item data was contained. 

    So the getting the information about the reversed items still works with this script.
    But in the end, only the header columns are rendered and not the grid content. 

    Not sure what can cause this one. I noticed one difference between Innovator 11 and 12. In Innovator 11, we still see a visible lock column. Innovator 12, this column is missing. Innovator 12 replaced look/unlock with claim/unclaim. The script still can deal with this one. Rendering is pretty the same, just icons are replaced.

    But something in Innovator 12 prevents the grid content from appearing.

  • Angela,

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this. If you discover anything new please post. It would be great to have this available in V12. I know for us, it would save us a lot of time in not creating TGVs.

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