Copy One ItemType to Another

Good day.  Is there a way to copy all of the entries (with their relationships) of one ItemType to another ItemType?  The previous caretakers of our database did not use any of the OOTB ItemTypes for Aras.  I want to move all of the parts into the Parts ItemType (about 65,000 of them).  It would be nice if there was a method I could use to make this happen, I'm just not sure how to make it happen.  Thank you for the help.

  • Any ideas?  Thanks again for the help.

  • It might be possible to use the standard Import/Export tool for this use case. You can create a custom package that stores your items.....NO WAIT, will not work cause of course these package will still reference to your previous itemtype. This way you would have to edit all the import files. Maybe possible with a script?

    Maybe you can also copy/paste the table entries directly within the SQL database? Depends on the complexity of the ItemType.

    Third option would be batch loader. Export your items as Excel/TXT and then import then to the other itemtype as new items.

  • Angelalp,

    Good day.  I have used the batch loader in the past.  The problem I have is getting the data out of Aras.  If I try to use the Export to Excel feature on too many items, Aras will lock up and close. 

    I have thought of SQL, but I am not familiar enough with it yet and we do not have a dev database at the moment to test on (hopefully getting one set up soon). 

    Thank you for the suggestions.

  • Ah, ok. Never were in the situation that I had to export 65000 items with "Export to Excel".

    Does it also crash for 10000 entries? Keep in mind that the old xls Excel format just support 65536 rows! Maybe you run into that limit?

    Instead of directly manipulation in SQL, you can also just do a simple SELECT query on your table or take a look at the ItemType table itself. This way you can simply copy&paste the shown result to an Excel file that you can use for batch load. A simple SELECT (=get) of data has a low risk of destroying data. But you still need database access.

    Maybe another approach: Copy via Method? Get your previous item, get the values and use these values to create a new data entry into your new item. Not the best approach regarding performance...

  • It seems like anything over 500 (maybe lower, it has been a little bit) causes the crash.  I could try to highlight everything & copy/paste.