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Good day all,

I am trying to figure out why I can't a couple of reports to run.  I know part of the problem is that our database does not use the OOTB Part ItemType.  Our Parts List is a document ItemType and it links (weirdly) to our Part.  I have this report that I don't understand what it is trying to do.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

Name:  s_IPL

Label:  Indentured Parts List

Type:  Item

Location:  Service

Target:  Window

Report Query:

np:top_part_id=<xsl:value-of select="@id"/>&amp;rs:Format=EXCELOPENXML

  • From what I have been reading, the Query is referencing a SQL report.  Are all of the SQL reports supposed to show in the SQL section?  I can't get the Report Manager to open, so I am going to have to look into that a bit more.

    Does the Report Manager have to be accessed from the SQL server or is it designed to be accessed from a users computer (admin)?

  • Hi Nathan,

    before working with the Report Manager, check if you can access the report server in your environment at all. You should be able to open it in your browser when you know the correct address (e.g. localhost/reports or whatever was specified in your company). There you should find the available reports AND a database connection element were you specify your connection to Innovator.

  • Our SQL server is behind a firewall.  I have not been able to access it directly. 

  • SQL reports can gather data e.g. by an SQL view or SQL query. It´s unlikely that the original report owner used the 'SQL' itemType for specifying the query. Without access to the server there is no chance to see what is happening.

    Well, find somebody that has access or at least can send you the used SQL query. :) You don´t need full access to the ReportServer. There normally should be some kind of "Innovator" related section. You can check it´s name in Variable called "Report Server Folder". 

  • Does this mean the Report Manager report in Aras can only be accessed from the SQL server?

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