Lifecycle/Workflow Promotion Issue

Good day all.  We are using v11 SP10.  I have six DCNs (not OOTB) that were promoted to AUC from Final Review without one of the reviewers voting.  According to the history, one of the reviewers promoted to the DCNs.  I don't understand how this happened.

The Lifecycle only has a single Transition from Final Review to AUC and the reviewer is not a member of the Identity (or any of the identities under it) assigned to the Role for the Transition.

The Workflow has four assignments, three reviewers & our CM Identity.  Tow of the reviewers have 33% voting weight & the third one (the one that did not vote) has 34%.  The Activity Template for Final Review does not have a Role assigned & is Managed By the Workflow Owner Identity, which the reviewer is not a member of.

What am I missing with this?  Thanks for the help.

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  • Just look how the OOTB change processes work. 

    From my POV all existing processes are just terrible (true fact...), but e.g. Simple MCO is an easy reference, also it doesn´t use Affected items which you might use. Just search for Method with name "change pending" and see how they are used. Than choose the reference that is most close to your process.