Different Sequence Number for different Classification

Hi Team,

I have a scenario where in I need to generate different document sequence number - for Document Number field based on classification.

Ex : Class structure - Subtype - Class A - AXXX0001, Subtype - Class B - BXXX0001, Subtype - Class C - CXXX0001 - All these classification have different form configured and each form has Document Number field. Accordingly created respective custom properties with datatype - sequence and added datasource.

Is it possible to achieve generating sequence number without custom code? Kindly suggest. I am facing issue with configuration - while saving document, it shows all sequence numbers concatenated at header as 'Keyed_Name' which is not valid.

I am able to generate different sequence number based on classification by custom code added under server events - OnBeforeAdd.




  • Hi Sowmya

    I don't think so it is possible without custom code. I use below onBeforeAdd event to generate different sequence number

    string classification = this.getProperty("classification","");
    string item_number = this.getProperty("item_number","");

    return innovator.newError("Please Select Classification");
    Innovator inn = this.getInnovator();
    string sequenceName = "";
    case "Class A" :
    sequenceName = "Sequence A";
    case "Class B" :
    sequenceName = "Sequence B";
    case "Class C" :
    sequenceName = "Sequence C";
    string nextSeq = Convert.ToString(inn.getNextSequence(sequenceName));
    return this;

  • Hi Sowmya, we can make it happen with configuration but very tiny issue here, keyed name is getting updated only on second click on Save button, otherwise it is possible through configuration. Thank you