Open specific ItemType form from a client side method

Hi All,

I have an ItemType that is setup with two forms attached, one being the main default form used for viewing, editing, adding etc..

I would like to however be able to through a client side method open the "Secondary Form" loaded with a context Item

I would usually use the "aras.uiShowItemEx" client side method, however it unfortunately does not have an optional parameter to open any other form than the Default form (which has lowest Display Priority). Example of code I would normally use to open a form from a client side method: aras.uiShowItemEx(document.thisItem, "tab view", false)

Is there a client side method I can use (or block of code) in order to open a specific client side form? So far from looking around the only way I can see different forms are based on either classification or identity, neither of which suits my use case.

My final solution is to ideally have a button on the main form that says "Open Secondary Form", which then triggers this client side method that will pass the same context item to a secondary form opened in a new aras tab. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • You can use the sample code from "InBasket.html"

    case "project":
                        var acwFormNd = aras.getFormForDisplay("Activity Completion Worksheet""by-name"false);
                        if (acwFormNd && acwFormNd.node) {
                            var w = parseInt(aras.getItemProperty(acwFormNd.node"width"));
                            var h = parseInt(aras.getItemProperty(acwFormNd.node"height"));
                        //Open Activity Completion Form
                        params = [windowgrid.getUserData(rowID"activityID")];
                        params.aras = aras;
                        params.resultHandler = populateActivityGrid;
                        params.dialogHeight = h ? h +  20/*statusbar*/ + 31 /*toolbar*/ + 28 /*title bar*/ + 25 /*safe-interval between form and relationships*/ : 600;
                        params.dialogWidth = w || 700;
                        params.resizable = true;
                        params.content = "../Solutions/Project/scripts/ActivityCompletionWorksheet/ACWDialog.html";

                        var actNd = aras.getItemById("Activity2"params[1], 0);
                        if (actNd) {
                            var dialog ="iframe"params);
  • Hi Trach, thanks for the response.

    This seems like it would work for opening the form in a new dialog/popup window. Does something similar exist for just opening it as a tab like normal (the equivalent of uiShowItemEx) rather than a popup?