User Can't See an Entry

Good day all.  I am using Aras v11 SP10.  I have a weird problem.  The system is using an ItemType s_Part for the parts instead of using the OOTB Part.  A user created two parts in the system.  When he created the parts he could find them, but no other Users could find them in a grid search (admin accounts could find them).  I promoted the parts to Released and now none of the Users can see them.  I can still find them with my admin account, but I can't find them with my User account (didn't matter if I was looking under Current, Latest, Released, or Effective).  I used Nash to verify that is_current is set to 1.  I'm at a loss for what is going on with this. 

We used to have the Lifecycle for the parts with Released as the only point on it (parts were usually released by the associated Parts List document).  We added the standard Part Lifecycle to s_Part.

Nothing has changed with the Permissions. Thanks for any help that can be provided.  

  • Also you say you haven´d changed permissions, this one looks like a Permission problem. Check out permissions "New Part" and "Part Released". 

    This one is a nice little puzzle to solve in the morning. So here is my try: I assume your Part creator can see it´s own Part cause he/she is the Owner of the Part. When you promote to Released, the second permissoin is used were Owner is missing.

    My prediction: You have forgot to add your regular users to the identity "All Employees". 

  • Angel,

    Thanks for the input.  I have not seen separated permissions for New art & Released part.  Where would I find that?  For the most part, we use the World for everything, not New Employees. 

  • Quote: "We added the standard Part Lifecycle to s_Part."

    The standard Part lifecycle will overwrite your Default ItemType Permission. The 'Part' lifecycle will set the Permission to 'new part' and 'released parts'. They both contain the 'All Employees' identity.

  • Angel,

    I am going to start adding all of our people to the All Users group to fix the problem.  Thank you for telling me about this.  It has also given me ideas for future things.