Operations does not show up in the MPP ProcessPlan page. Thanks!

Hi All,

In  MPP (Process Plan) module, we did change to select an existing operation instead of  inserting an operation manually in MPP.  The operation I selected has been saved into relationship Itemtype MPP_ProcessPlanOperation which I created, but the operation does not show up in the MPP process plan page. Any ideas? Thanks a lot. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


  • Hi Jen,

    If I'm understanding you correctly, I think I understand what's happening. It looks like you're creating some new operations, but not assigning them any variables (name,desc, etc). That's why when you perform this search, there are two empty rows. They exist and have been saved, but don't have any identifying information so it appears that they're not there.

    If I misunderstood the issue please let me know!


  • Hi AJ,

    Thanks for you reply! The screenshot actually is the old one, I attached the current one for you that which does not have the empty row issue. The issue actually is when I selected the Operation from the search dialog, then the operation info have been save into mpp_ProcessPlanOperation table successfully,but it does not show up on the mpp page left side Tree structure and right side. Please see the screenshot below. 

    FYI, I created the mpp_ProcessPlanOperation  that is the relationship type of mpp_Operation. Please let me know if you any other questions. Thanks.


  • Hi Aj,
    Thanks for your reply. I attached the new screenshots for you, and there is no empty row problem currently. Actually, the issue is when I select an operation from Search Dialog trying to add into MPP_ProcessPlan,the operation has been save into MPP_ProcessPlanOperation successfully as I expected, (MPP_ProcessPlanOperation is the relationship type of MPP_Operation that I created), however the Operation does not show up on MPP page left Tree structure and right side. Please see the screenshots below, I believe that would be helpful for you to get more info.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks very much!
    Best,Jen Li
  • If you were to go into the mpp_processplanoperation relationship and make it visible, can you see the relationships in that tab on the process plan? I'm wondering if it's an issue when attempting to render the actual plan itself, or if the relationship isn't getting added for some reason. 

    Have you made any modifications to the standard MPP data model? How did you create the other process plans if you're unable to add operations?

  • Hi AJ,I created the MPP_ProcessPlanOperation as relationship type of MPP_Operation which I added and modified for data model. Those mpp data I added before I made changes by using the standard version, Please see the screenshot, then I made change to open a search a dialog instead of manually inserting and find out the selected operation does not show up.

    by the way, the mpp_processplanoperation has always been visible. Thanks. 


  • My recommendation was to unhide the mpp_operation relationship so you can view it in a relationship tab. You'll have to expose the relationsihps tab by unchecking the "select in all" button on the mpp_operation relationship.

    Once you've done that, the MPP form should look like the following screenshot.

    I wanted to see this view to see if the issue is saving the relationship, or if the render is unable to render the existing operations.

  • Hi AJ, I did review mpp_operation and the "Hide in All" is unchecked, and also the mpp_ProcessPlanOperation shows in the relationship Tab as you said . Please see the screenshot below.

    The operations that selected from the search dialog has been save into the relationship tab,but are not showing in the next MPP page left/right side. So strange. Thanks very much for following up with me closely AJ! Hopefully we can make that work finally. Thanks again.



  • Could you open up the chrome developer tools (F12) directly before opening up the Process plan viewer, and see what kind of errors potentially pop up when opening the viewer? I'm guessing attempting to load an existing operation is causing issues with the tech doc schema or renderer. 

  • Hi AJ, here are the errors when I open the operation search Dialog and I am not sure the reasons caused the errors. 

    By the way, What do you mean of tech doc schema or renderer problem. Also FYI here is the link for the initial that first time your colleague answered me https://community.aras.com/f/development/35641/mpp-operations-does-not-saved-when-i-changed-to-select-an-existing-operation-thanks

    Thanks AJ,


  • Hey AJ,

    I took over some of renderer.js files as you suggested and no luck to have a clue here so far. So I am wondering if you have any thoughts on this that would be really helpful at this point. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to hearing from you.