Disabling "Create New Item" Button.

Hello All, 

Is there any way to remove or disable the create new item button from UI.
My use case is, I am creating items from the backend code using IOM api and want to restrict Item creation from UI.

For disabling button I can remove can add from item but in that case I can't create items using IOM api as well.
Need some other way remove or disable create button from UI only. Someone please help.


  • I assume this one is no CUI element, so your only chance might be a codetree modification. The secondaryMenu.js builds the NavPanel. You can find the file in ../Innovator/Client/Modules .

    In general, I would more recommend to use a separate user accounts for all external connections. This way you can assign "can_add" just to the IOM api users, while Innovator client users don´t have the right to add something. 

  • Instead of removing the button you can restrict it through permissions.  In IOM api I am using admin user and want to disable create button for the same user  Hello All, Is there any way to remove or disable the create new item button from UI.


  • Hello Nilesh,

    You can write "OnBeforeNew "client side method to restrict user to create Item from UI.

    Please find the below code to restrict user to create Item from UI.

    var inn = top.aras;
    if (window.itemID === undefined){
    aras.AlertError("You cannot create Epac Item from the main grid!");
    return false;
    return this;