Customization of form HTML field


I have created singe page angular application to show a property of item type in table formate. Property is of text type and has value as json like

"updatedItems": [{ "itemKeyedName": "Part1", "itemType": "Part", "properties": ["propertyLabe1", "propertyLabel2"] },
{ "itemKeyedName": "Part1", "itemType": "Part", "properties": ["propertyLabe1", "propertyLabel2"] },
{ "itemKeyedName": "Part2", "itemType": "Part", "properties": ["propertyLabe1", "propertyLabel2"] },
{ "itemKeyedName": "Part3", "itemType": "Part", "properties": ["propertyLabe1", "propertyLabel2"] }]
"failedItems": [
{ "itemKeyedName": "Part8", "itemType": "Part", "error": "some Error" },
{ "itemKeyedName": "Part9", "itemType": "Part", "error": "some Error" },
{ "itemKeyedName": "Part11", "itemType": "Part", "error": "some Error" }]

In aras form I have added one HTML field. I want this HTML filed to launch the created single page angular application in place of HTML filed itself.
Is this possible, If yes, Please help me.....


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