ARAS Technical Documentation - tp_stylesheet lifecycle

Hi Team,

Need help in triggering lifecycle for tp_stylesheet(CSS) in ARAS Tech doc module.

I have a scenario where we need to maintain version control for tp_XMLSchema(Document Type) and tp_Stylesheet(CSS) to keep track of all changes and release them.

Itemtype - tp_XMLSchema - Not Versionable

Relationship Type - tp_Stylesheet - Not Versionable

I have created customized lifecycle for tp_XMLSchema and able to trigger it since it has been configured under Lifecycle in tp_Block itemtype. Also I have created customized lifecycle for tp_Stylesheet and configured under itemtype, but since it is relationship type for tp_XMLSchema, I am unable to trigger lifecycle.

Is there any way to achieve this? Kindly help

  • Hi,

    tp_Stylesheet is a NULL-relationship of tp_XMLSchema. It´s fully depended on tp_XMLSchema. I never have seen a Lifecycle used for a NULL relationship and I am not sure if this is technically possible at all.

    When ever you want to use this kind of sub-lifecycles, you would use regular relationships. But in this case I wouldn´t recommended to change the default ItemType. It´s simply to complex and too much change is required.

    In my case I used the unorthodox way and added some kind of manual revision counter into the name of XMLSchema and Stylesheet. Not a PLM role model solution. But as this kind of work is only done by TechDoc Admins, you normally don´t have a lot of revisions.