Restricting Graphics based on state

Hi Team,

Need a quick help in ARAS Technical documentation module. I have a scenario where I have developed my Document Type (XML Schema) and added required root and node elements which includes Graphics. 

Now I will be able to add root, node elements in my Tree Editor. When I have to add Graphics, I need to restrict it based on state. If image is in obsolete state, then there should be some error msg shown to user and it should not allow to add in Editor. If I add image which is In Work or Released state, it should allow me to add Graphic in Editor window.

Is there any way to achieve this functionality? Should we have to create any custom method?  

Please help.

  • Hi,

    that´s a very nice idea. I see it benefits. There may be a couple of ways to solve this one.

    I am not sure if this one is easier to achieve by codetree modification or by a custom renderer/content generator for the Graphic element. 

    When you just want to do this check when "adding" and Graphic, this codetree file could be of interest:

    The Method contains the call for the image picker around line 343. Maybe you can add a filter argument to the image picker or add some kind of restrictions to the image handling done around line 90.

    Or the most easy approach: Make lifecycle based permissions for your tp_graphics. As soon as an image is obsolete, the images will not be available for endusers. But I am not sure how this will affect existing docs.