Filtering in ARAS Technical Documentation Module

Dear all,

I have a technical document with filtering conditions applied. 

I would like to extract a report to get the list of filter conditions that is applied to each content inside chapter and section.

Right now, I can see it only after going to each chapter/section content and right-click -> View condition; this is cumbersome and tedious process.

Rather, I would like to have some kind of export where in one click / single view; I can see the conditions applied to each content throughout the entire document.

Please suggest how this can be achieved. I don't see any option available in out of the box ARAS set-up/configuration.

Does it need any customization?

Please clarify and help.


  • Hi,

    that´s an excellent question! Unfortunately this is not very easy to achieve.

    The filter/condition information is stored withing the complete TechDoc within the 'content' property. Your report has to filter for all aras:condition within this property.

    --> <Section aras:id="22D1EE9D91B44E3F858CBDAD53F1A14F" aras:condition="{&quot;Region&quot;:[&quot;Central America&quot;]}">

    So you first have to query for the complete content of the  'content' property and then search for the elements were conditions are used. To bring this information into an easy to read report will be some work.

    Would be happy to know when you are able to find a solution!