How to store properties on Relationship in ARAS?

I need to store properties like for example  - set attribute and it's value on Relationship as we do in 3DExperience. Is this possible in ARAS. If there is any way to store properties on Relationships please pass information in comments.


  • Sangam,

    In Aras, the relationship between two items is itself an item. For instance, a part is an item, a document is an item, and the relationship between a part and a document is called a Part Document item. 

    Since the Part Document itemtype is ultimately like any other itemtype, you can add whatever properties to it that you want. As an admin, open Itemtypes, search for your relationship (I'm going to keep using Part Document as an example) and hit edit. You should now be able to add properties by adding rows in the properties tab. All new examples of that relationship will have the property field you created, though you may want to add information to that relationship via some automatic method.

    Skyler C.