Aras to JIRA Help

Good day all.  I want to connect Aras to JIRA.  I found this article How to integrate JIRA into Aras Innovator with information on how to accomplish this.  I was wondering if anyone has accomplished this?  I have some questions about the ARAS_JIRA_Settings method. 

Innovator inn = this.getInnovator();

Item JIRA_settings = inn.newItem("JIRA_settings","");

JIRA_settings.setProperty("JIRA_projectkey", "-proj_key-");

JIRA_settings.setProperty("JIRA_token", "-paste-token-here-");

JIRA_settings.setProperty("JIRA_user", "");

JIRA_settings.setProperty("JIRA_baseURL", "https://[your-jira-instance]/rest/api/2");

return JIRA_settings;

I found info about the project key.  It is assigned when making the JIRA project.

What token is needed for this?  Where does this come from?

The way this is written, it makes me think that it will be a single e-mail address used for connections  Is this correct?

Thank you for any help you can provide.