User Preference Bundler

In switching Dbs delivered by developers and also in our attempts to finalize the v11-to-v12 migration I'm irked by constantly needing to re-fix tables and save layouts.

I think there should be a preference bundler so we can, as developers, export a little preferences package and load it into various Aras Innovator instances.

Just layouts would save me time dragging around handles and re-saving.

But, what would be fantastic is if the issue of the Pins being sorted by ID (so they don't stay where you first added them unless you go edit the ItemType ItemType to sort by "created_on" instead of ID) were resolved via sort field change OR implementing a list or sequence to manage your pin layout, it would be so great not to need to go do the hack and then re-add pins every new system (especially as admin).

Anyway, what do you think of: Preferences > Bundle for Import ???