Query Def & TGV - All Grid Rows Must Have Unique IDs

Good day all.  I am getting this error when trying to verify my Query Definition and Tree Grid View are set up.  I add a field to a custom ItemType for tracking software, Manufacturer.  When I se the query & test it, I can get all of the data I want, so I create the TGV.  If I have Manufacturer & Software mapped I can see a row for Manufacturer, but not the Software.  If I don't have Manufacturer mapped, I receive the error.  I'm not sure what I am missing here.  I just did the same thing with another set of ItemTypes. 

The Manufacturer ItemType has name checked as Unique and identified as the Keyed Name.  Software has  item_number checked as Unique, with item_number & sw_version identified as Keyed Name.  One of the ItemTypes that it works on (the Software side of the query) doesn't have anything checked as Unique.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.