Can't complete activity. user is not from allowed identity | Urgent!!

Hi Experts!,

One of the user receives the error "Can't complete activity. user is not from allowed identity" on voting completion of a part in a workflow.

The workflow has many activity and he facing the issue in just one activity("ECRB"). And that activity has a sub workflow ("subflow_ECRB") and user is trying to vote one of that sub workflow activity. Activity is "ECRB_Sorucing Approver" as shown below. I had given permission to the part lifecycle of that ECRB activity state permission. and also given the state permission to activity "To Sourc Incorp" That dint work out. I had given the workflow process permissions to that user. Not worked. Given permissions to Part item type level itself. Not worked. Added him to admin group and that too doesn't help. But if i create a new workflow and that user can able to approve the same activity ECRB tasks without any errors.

But there are many workflows in the error state. How can i fix the issue without canceling all the workflows. I couldn't troubleshoot this error. I see methods are working fine. But before hitting the methods this error pops up. so i couldn't find what code is broken. Is it a system generated error? How can i capture that and see which line code is failed so that i can grant permission to that assigned identity. Or anything i missed out in terms of giving permission?

Please help me to resolve this issue asap. 

Thanks- Bala.

  • Hi,

    it´s strange that adding your user to the Admin group didn´t help. Did your user login again to see if he really had all admin rights?

    "user is not from allowed identity" appears when user is not in the Identity group needed to perform a specific task. 

    Do you use Server Events that are triggered when voting? These events may try to perform some actions that are only allowed for certain identities.