SQL in a TreeGridView

I want to display the results obtained by SQL in a TreeGridView, but I want to implement it.
QueryBuilder does not allow me to achieve this.
Can I display TGV trees?
I want to narrow down my search by conditional branching.

  • Hello,

    Could you clarify what kind of query you're trying to perform? Tree Grid Views can only be built based off of Query Definitions, but I might be able to suggest how you could build the query you're looking for using a Query Definition.

    Alternatively, if you're comfortable with a little more custom development, you can build a Tree Grid Container based on the results of a SQL query. Tree Grid Containers are the underlying components that power Tree Grid Views. Because they're more low-level, they lack of some of the easy configurability of Tree Grid Views, but with custom code, they can support more kinds of data.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hello Chris,

    Do we have standard Simple Search available in these TGVs? Since using parameters for all columns is not user friendly sometimes. 

  • So it might be possible with the rules.
    Please give me some time to prepare.
    It would certainly seem to lead to a decrease in response if the condition occurs in every column.

  • I want to achieve is that for a part item type item,

    I want to get the top assy item from the part item of the previous revision.

    I want to retrieve the part item bom to the top assy item from the part item bom.This is all we can do with the usual query definition.

    However, if the part item was revised, it was not possible to get the top assy from the item in a previous revision of the inchange status.