Customize login panel


On the login panel, I would like to add a button or a link to an external form to request an account.

Something like this:

Is it possible to do that in ARAS R12 SP8 ?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi Angelalp,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I can see in the blog article that you find a solution but you said that "I don´t want to share my current solution in public right now, cause I want Aras to provide a better solution.".

    Could you share your solution with me in private ?

    For your information, I tried to add a button into the SVG opening a specific html page but this doesn't work because the SVG is added in the page through a:
    style="background-image: url("">fr0-viaas-101/.../arasInnovator.svg");"

    Thank you in advance.

  • I share the solution to community members that can explain credibly that they solely want to use it for their own Innovator instance and don´t sell it to other customers.

    I don't want to support community members who steal ideas from the forum for their own businesses without ever contributing anything.

    @Miraks: As I see that you actively help people in this forum, you have a good change :-)

  • Hi,

    I like your "GPL" like spirit. 
    I'm from AIRBUS, and I develop an application used internally. This application won't be sell outside (we are selling planes, not applications).
    I would like to have a "request account" button on the login panel to allow new users to request for an account.

    I'm trying to participate in this forum as best I can.
    But, I participate more in the improvement of ARAS by making direct requests to ARAS support by email. I don't know if this is a good idea to share those requests in this forum. What do you think ?

  • Oh that´s excellent! Just tell Aras that Airbus supports ALL my support request, ideas and other remarks that I ever made!

    You got an inmail.

    If anyone else is interested in this solution, just let me know. I'm very excited to encourage everyone to support my requests! :-)